Some pics from the backyard at the end of 2015.  Next project will be to add some lighting in the shed using the power of the sun!

Backyard Updates

Saints & Heroes
A nice collection of cartoons about Catholic saints for kids (and parents!).  The collection is called Saints and Heroes by CCC Productions of America.

Catholic Saints for Kids

I’m using NAS4Free v. as the OS for my NAS box. It’s based on FreeBSD and runs very smoothly on old hardware. I got a box free from a friend’s company that was upgrading their systems (no hard drives). I made a few updates to the system over time, as the […]

Specs for my NAS Box

We’ve started a garden in our backyard dedicated to Our Lady. Check out the pictures for the progress.

Marian Garden

After 5 years in our home, we have decided to do some work in the backyard.  Two years ago, we did the front yard  which is looking good despite the killer winter we had this past season. We will be starting with a simple patio using Strada Antico from Best Way Stone. The […]

Backyard Landscaping