Specs for my NAS Box

I’m using NAS4Free v. as the OS for my NAS box. It’s based on FreeBSD and runs very smoothly on old hardware. I got a box free from a friend’s company that was upgrading their systems (no hard drives).

I made a few updates to the system over time, as the need arose, mainly because the basic requirements were not enough to run the NAS and services effectively.

  • Memory:  Upgraded to 2GB total (512MB was not enough)
  • Hard Drives:  3 x 2TB SATA drives, 2 drives in a software RAID1 configuration + 1 x 250GB IDE
  • Power Supply:  Updated to Ultra LS 350 ATX
  • SATA PCI-E Card:  StarTech 2-Port SATA 6Gbps PCI-E SATA Controller Card
  • Network Card:  INTEL Pro/1000 PWLA8391GT PCI Network Card NIC 82541PI Chipset

Here’s information about the box I have with the standard components that it came with: Standard Specifications

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