Apple’s iPad

I saw the iPad the other day when I met up with a friend. At first, I thought it was just going to be an oversize version of the iPhone. A lot of my non-Apple friends and family were actually making fun of the product as a stupid idea.

Since it was made by Apple, I couldn’t say it was stupid – maybe a little overzealous but not stupid. I was hoping, though, that it could be used in different industries. A nurse filling out a client chart, or a public works employee conducting an inspection on a building … That sort of thing.

But when I saw it and starting playing around with it … whoa! It was actually very awesome. The response of the touch screen was way faster than the iPhone and the screen was very easy on the eyes.  I also liked the way that photos were displayed and especially the books application.  Reading on a tiny iPhone screen can be tough but when you have a nice size like the iPad, it makes you want to read more, I’d think.  I would definitely consider getting one now – maybe not as a mandatory item but as a luxury.  Check out the keynote presentation.  Given enough time, though, I’m sure it’ll revolutionize the way we think about mobile/tablet computing.

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