Lawn Work – Late Spring 2010

It’s now the end of spring and looks like summer is around the corner!  Today it’s going up to 31 degrees!  Craziness!

BUT – I’ve over-fertilized a few areas in my backyard.  As a result, there seems to be very dry and brown patches.  I think these are areas on which I dropped TOO MUCH fertilizer.  It’s not horrible to look at but it is noticeable.  I’m trying to water it more and hopefully it’ll clear up with a little grass seed and soil.

Other than that, the grass looks better and I’m pulling out those pesky weeds.  The clovers are annoying too.  I used the following steps to pull them out:

  1. Water area with clovers (not too deep)
  2. Wait a few hours to let it soak in
  3. Rake the grass a bit to remove some of the dead grass and make the weeds stand up more
  4. Pull weeds by hand (they come out pretty easily because the roots aren’t very deep)

Unfortunately, they grow quite densely so you may be left with a bare patch of soil.  I’m trying Scotts EZ Seed for that.  Hopefully that works!

Until next time …

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