Laundry Backsplash

In an effort to practice laying the tiles for our kitchen’s backsplash I made use of some inexpensive 3″ x 6″ (34 with 8 per box) along with some 12″ x 12″ (3) mosaic design tumbled chiaro travertine pieces from Home Depot in the laundry room (total cost of tiles about $48).  I only did one small area right above the sink and to the right side, to gauge how long it took and the level of difficulty. Overall, it wasn’t too bad.

I used mastic to place the tiles in place and spacers to ensure the lines would be even and consistent.  Because the tiles themselves have a rustic/venetian look, they don’t have to be extremely perfect.  The imperfections make for a very nice look, especially the divots and knots which when filled with grout look awesome.  I waited 24 hours to let the mastic set so that there was a good bond between the tiles and wall.

I later used grout to fill in the gaps, which was very messy!  Next time, I’ll make sure to tape up and cover everything FIRST, then start the grout.  I used a pre-mixed grout which went on pretty easily using a grout float.  There are some good instructions on the tub itself and Youtube always has some good instructions also.  All in all, though, it turned out quite nicely, although messy.

The last step I’ll need to do is apply a sealer which will seal the grout and enhance the tile colour.  The travertine tiles are typically dusty and faded-looking but after applying sealer, it should bring out more of the yellowy-brown shades instead of the pinky ones.

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