Kitchen Backsplash 2.0 2

Finally, we’re finished the kitchen backsplash!  Although it took a total of 3 days (mainly drying time for the mastic and grout) and my feet were paining afterwards, it looks pretty good.

We ended up using a 12″x12″ brick pattern mosaic, built using 2″x4″ ivory tumbled travertine tiles from Home Depot.   In total we used 30 pieces. The grout colour we used was alabaster which picked up on the tile colour pretty well.

Similar to the laundry backsplash, we used white mastic and the tiles were spaced using 1/8″ spacers and after 24 hours, we grouted using a pre-mixed grout (about 3L in total).  Another 24 hours after that, we sealed it with 2 coats of a medium-glossed tile sealer.

The total cost of the project was about $330 which included the tiles, 3L of grout, and some other tools.  But the results were great and it was fun doing it!

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