Lawn Work – Early Spring 2010

It’s springtime! The weather has been up and down these past few weeks but I’m actually loving the rain. Our grass has really come up nicely.

A few weeks ago, we fertilized with Scotts Turf Builder.   Their website had some good tips and I plan on following it as much as I can (budget permitting :)).  I’ve already fertilized once in early spring – I’ll do it again in late spring, and once again in late summer/early fall.

We also bought a gazebo tent from Walmart and that too looks cool.  The wind was crazy wild though, so I was afraid it would just fly away. So far, it’s still here and didn’t fly away.

We also added 2 emerald cedar evergreen trees in the front yard, which help to frame the front yard very well.  Never thought I’d be a guy that would worry about grass of all things – I guess you’re just a little more careful when it’s your own lawn.


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