Bittorrent in FreeNAS 2

I just discovered one of the cooler services offered by freenas. It allows you to upload torrents right to your NAS box and let the server download the files. This way all my computers can be turned off and the old pc box in my basement is doing the heavy downloads.

It’s a pretty ingenious idea and very useful for my needs.  A lot of posts I’ve seen online have been done by updating the cron job and things like that but I just set it up with very little customization.  If you want to setup scheduled activity then some coding is required.  This tutorial provides a step-by-step way to add the torrent server to your NAS and add additional scheduling options.

One note is that I did end up beefing up my box with a little more RAM – it’s up to 1GB instead of 512MB that I had initially.  This also seems to stabilize the box a bit more.  So far, the system has been up for a few days now without any hiccups.  Will post some pics of the box itself as well as the location within my basement (which we just renovated recently!).

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