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Thundercats are back!  I haven’t seen any episodes just yet but it looks pretty good.  The animation is not like the 80’s cartoons – these days the inspiration comes more from the Japanese anime styles, like GI Joe Renegades.  Still, it looks like it could be a good show.

It’s available on the Cartoon Network, which I do not have so I’ll resort to either streaming online or using my torrent server via my NAS.  I hope this will lead into a live-action movie of the Thundercats – I thought the same would happen when they started a comic line about them about 10 years ago but that didn’t really go anywhere.  I still have the first 10 or 15 issues of that line, although I can’t remember what it was about.

We shall see how it goes.  The official trailer is linked below:

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One thought on “Thundercats 2011

  • Louis Williams
    Chrishanth Post author

    I just finished watching the first 4 episodes last night. The first two were pretty cool – sets the story line well and describes how the “cats” were rulers on Third Earth. The third and fourth episodes were more fluff but still has good positive messages throughout.

    Although it’s probably aimed at a younger crowd, I like it quite a bit and will be watching more episodes as they come! I just wished we got the Cartoon Network in Canada for free. Damn cable monopolizers 😐