Closet Lighting

After seeing a video on Youtube about adding closet lighting based on a magnetic switch, I tried it out myself.  I needed the following items:

  • SMD Style Reed Switch (NC – Normally Closed) – SuntekStore @ $3.35
  • LED Strip Lighting – eBay @ $1.47
  • DC Female Plug Cable – LEDLightsWorld @ $13.50 (5 for $0.90 each and $9.00 shipping)
  • 22-18 AWG Butt Splice Connectors – Home Depot @ $1.69
  • 12V Power Supply – free (had one laying around)

SMD Reed Switch - NC  

After wiring the switch, light and power supply together (just coiled the wires together and used butt splice connectors to keep them connected) I placed them into my electrical panel closet (which also houses my file server).  Every time I open the door, the light turns on and when I close it, it turns off automatically.
Cool little update and cost less than $20 to get it done.  I’d like to do the same in my main closet on the first floor but I don’t have a power outlet in the closet.  Will need to bring one in there first, and then connect all the items afterwards.
Check out some schematics of how it needs to be wired.  If you don’t want to use butt splice connectors, use a small, inexpensive breadboard instead.
Closet LED Lighting_Breadboard
Closet LED Lighting_Schematic

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