Arduino Sprinkler System

I was interested in using my phone to turn on my sprinkler systems – a 2-zone Hunter system with about 12 total heads.

Using an Arduino Mega (definitely overkill, since I only needed 2 pins off the board) I was able to control the 2 zones I had – one for the front yard, and the other for the backyard. ┬áThe circuit was pretty simple to build as it was just connecting two 8A 24VAC relays to the board while the Arduino supplied the 5V power.

The iPhone (or any other web browsing device) accesses a PHP page which I made on my 2005 Mac Mini (finally some use for it) – a 1.42 GHz PPC box with 1GB of RAM and a 150GB hard drive running Leopard. ┬áBut that’s all that was needed. It’s connected to the Arduino via USB and the Arduino connects to my sprinkler controller unit, in my furnace room.

Check out some pictures below:

Future Enhancements:

  • scheduled system
  • log of each time lawn is watered (time, yard, duration)
  • add charts of watering data on PHP page
  • make PHP page into an iOS app

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