Arduino Door Lock with RFID 1

The furnace is a dangerous room for kids, and so it needed a lock.  A basic lock would have sufficed, but why do that when I could go for an electric door lock (one which opens after current is passed across it)?  After some research, I came up with a simple iPhone controlled door lock with an additional RFID component (Wiegand26 data format) – awesome tutorial from PageMac.

Items required:

  • Electric Door Lock PT130N0 – @ $13.74 (came with a 2N4007 diode)
  • Arduino – used the same one I had for my Sprinkler System control
  • 5V Relay Board – @ $8.54
  • 12V power adaptor
  • some jumper wires – used the twisted pairs from ethernet cable (22 AWG)
  • RFID Reader (Wiegand 26) – eBay @ $14.49
  • RFID Proximity cards 125KHz – eBay @ $3.00 (for 5 cards)
  • 9V Battery with 9V power cable – eBay @ ~ $5.00
  • DC female plug cable – had extras from my closet led lighting project

Video of the system in action:

Pictures of the final product:


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