The furnace is a dangerous room for kids, and so it needed a lock.  A basic lock would have sufficed, but why do that when I could go for an electric door lock (one which opens after current is passed across it)?  After some research, I came up with a […]

Arduino Door Lock with RFID

I was interested in using my phone to turn on my sprinkler systems – a 2-zone Hunter system with about 12 total heads. Using an Arduino Mega (definitely overkill, since I only needed 2 pins off the board) I was able to control the 2 zones I had – one […]

Arduino Sprinkler System

New interlocking walkway, plants/shrubs, and a sprinkler system. Spruces things up. But those clovers are still the bain of my existence. Ah well … one thing at a time. Some photos below…

Front Yard Landscaping

I was having an issue with my NAS not reconnecting after a restart of my iMac. When it is not reconnected, my backup utility does not run because it can’t see the folders to backup. As I was playing with Mac’s Automator utility, I found a very easy way to […]

Apple’s Automator

After seeing a video on Youtube about adding closet lighting based on a magnetic switch, I tried it out myself.  I needed the following items: SMD Style Reed Switch (NC – Normally Closed) – SuntekStore @ $3.35 LED Strip Lighting – eBay @ $1.47 DC Female Plug Cable – LEDLightsWorld @ $13.50 […]

Closet Lighting

Thundercats are back!  I haven’t seen any episodes just yet but it looks pretty good.  The animation is not like the 80’s cartoons – these days the inspiration comes more from the Japanese anime styles, like GI Joe Renegades.  Still, it looks like it could be a good show. It’s […]

Thundercats 2011